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Thermoelectric Module

By passing a direct current and resulting into thermo amplitude, here is the Temperature Control Semiconductor (Peltier Elements)

Thermo-electric modules are plate-like semiconductor cooling devices that work by using the movement of heat when a current flows through the junction of two different metals. Compact, lightweight, and Freon-free, they are used in climate control seats of automobiles, cooling chillers, optical communications, biotechnology, air conditionners, dryers and a variety of consumer electronic products.

History of Thermo Module Development
Thomas Seebeck Thomas Johann Seebeck, (b. April 9, 1770 – d. December 10, 1831) was an Estonian physicist. In 1821, in a bi-metal circuit, he discovered that a temperature difference between the contact points of the metals caused a compass needle to deflect. Today this is called the Seebeck effect.

Thermoelectric Handbook
The Cambion Thermoelectric Handbook, authored by President Yamamura (pub. 1971)

Thermo Electric Module Assembly

Applied products of Peltier electronic cooling using our thermo-modules. As a leading manufacturer of thermo-module technology, in addition to the standard line-up, we flexibly meet the needs of our customers with custom products. We can support the design and manufacture of products for both small-scale and mass-production.

Thermoelectric Chiller Assembly

■Up to 350W cooling power
■Liquid-to-Air Peltier Assembly
■Quick fittings
■Compact and suitable in any orientation

Typical Applications
■Laser cooling
■Aesthetic/cosmetic devices
■Low power industrial cooling
■Medical or Laboratory equipment
■Liquid-to-Air Peltier assembly, high reliable solid-state technology and maintenance-free system
■Optimized cooling performance offering high efficiency
■Quick One-touch fittings, for fast and easy water pipe connection
■Hybrid liquid plate made of copper and aluminum, for better heat exchange and use of deionized water
■Compact design that will fit most installations
■RoHS Compliant
Cooling Performance

Dimensions and Mounting holes

Technical Data
Model N° A340-24-LA-002
Voltage 24 VDC
Rated Current 14A to 16A
Cooling Capacity (ΔT=0°C) 350 W
Operating Temp. (Water) 5°C to 60°C
Overheat Thermostat 85°C
Temperature Sensor 1KΩ@25°C
Low Noise Level -
Material Tubing: Copper / Fitting: Brass
Weight 7kg
Mounting Horizontal and Vertical
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