Privacy Policy 


Information security management measures on websites

Regarding the handling of personal information collected through our company’s website or registered by a customer, our company follows the contents described in the privacy policy; in particular, the information shall be handled in accordance with the following matters.


Safety management measures on the website

Our company will manage and store personal information under a strict management system and will do our company’s utmost to enhance security so that a customer’s information will not be lost, destroyed, tampered with or leaked to third parties.


Purpose of information use on website

Services that require a customer to register their personal information are included on our company’s website. In the case where the details of the use purpose of the registered personal information is clearly stated on the site, the contents shall be applied with priority.



Our company may use a technique called cookies in order to enable more convenient use of the website when a customer revisits the website. Cookies and access analysis tools, are used.
Cookies are an industry standard technology for web servers that identify a customer’s computer.
Cookies can identify a customer’s computer but cookies will not be able to identify a customer unless the customer enters their personal information.
※ About disabling cookies
Customer can disable cookies by changing their browser settings.
However, some functions of our company’s website may not be available if a customer has disabled cookies.


Collection of access information

Our company uses cookies and Google's access analysis tool, "Google Analytics" to collect access statistics.
Our company is using Google Analysis provided cookies but our company has not obtained any personally identifiable information about a customer.
*Refer to HERE for the details of Google Analysis.
*Refer to HERE for the details of data use by Google.


Advertisement delivery

Our company delivers advertisements based on past access information on our company’s website.
Our company posts online advertisements on the Internet by the advertisement delivery service providers with which our company is affiliated such as Google, Yahoo, etc.


Providing functions to enhance customer convenience

Our company provides functions that meet the needs of our customers based on their browsing history.

The website of our company uses cookies in order to provide better service to customers.
By continuing to browse and use our company’s website, it is considered that you have agreed to the use of cookies.
Please see our company’s privacy policy for more information.