Quality stabilization of ingot products is essential for improved power generation efficiency of solar cells. When a quartz crucible filled with raw polysilicon is heated to a high temperature in an environment of inert gas, it will dissolve.Bringing polysilicon solution into contact with a seed crystal and pulling while slowly rotating,yields single-crystal silicon ingots. Ferrotec’s single-crystal silicon ingot growing system uses an automated program to make it possible to produce single-crystal silicon ingot with high conversion efficiency. Ferrotec supplies a full line of photovoltaic related products such as crystal manufacturing apparatus,quartz crucibles, silicon products, and cells.



Solar Power Generation Systems Production Process

Filling of Raw Material

Quartz Crucibles
Quartz Crucibles

Ingot Formation

Single-Crystal Silicon
Ingot Growing System
Single-Crystal Silicon<br>Ingot Growing System
Multi-Crystal Silicon
Ingot Casting System
Multi-Crystal Silicon<br>Ingot Casting System
Silicon Ingots for<br>Solar Cells

Ingot Processing

Squaring Wire Saw Machine
Squaring Wire Saw Machine
Wafers for Solar Cells

To Power Generation Systems

Cells for Solar Modules
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