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A Mysterious Liquid with Magnetic Attraction

While being a fluid, it is a functional material attracted to magnets and magnetized by external magnetic fields. In the 1960’s NASA Space Program, it was developed to transport fuel in zero gravity. Currently it is used in speakers, actuators, sensors, recycling separation applications, and also in Vacuum seals—one of our company’s core products.

Fluorescent Ferrofluids

Development of a fluorescent ferrofluid (new technology), which adds fluorescent functions to the ferrofluid, a core technology of Ferrotec Corporation. An introductory video is now available.
Featuring : Media Artist Sachiko KODAMA.
The new technology is expected to be used for various industrial and artistic applications.

Disclaimer & Custom Orders :
1) Please contact us for custom color requests.
2) The degree of photoluminescence depends on various parameters.
We do not guarantee the appearance of the coloration.
3) Japanese names indicate general strain colors.

product lineup
Catalog Number Carrier Saturation Magnetization Viscosity Typical Appliation
Synthetic Hydrocarbon 30.0 mT N/A Education, art
Synthetic Hydrocarbon 30.0 mT N/A Education, art
Synthetic Hydrocarbon 30.0 mT N/A Education, art
Chartreuse (Yellow Green)
Synthetic Hydrocarbon 30.0 mT N/A Education, art
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