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Semiconductor Single Crystal Silicon
Ingot Puller


This is the apparatus for producing single-crystal ingots that takes advantage of our core technology cultivated in the semiconductor process. The silicon melt of dissolved raw polysilicon is pulled up in a vacuum furnace to shape the ingot. Maintaining the vacuum environment in the apparatus is our company’s vacuum seal technology.The carbon heaters that melt the raw materials at high temperatures, as well as the receptacle crucibles are also our own products. We underpin the world's top class high conversion efficiency for single-crystal modules.

    Semiconductor grade
Semiconductor grade
(Apply to both models)
Location Enviromental tempreture 15~30 ℃ 15~30 ℃  
Enviromental humidity 65%
(No condention , no corrosion gas )
(No condention , no corrosion gas )
Merit rating 10000 Class(ISO6) 10000 Class(ISO6)  
Noise 75db 75db  
Fundamental Above 3000kg/ m2 Above 3000kg/ m2  
Power supply Rated voltage 3P 380VAC±10%
3P 380VAC±10%
Rated capacity 320kVA 420kVA
(Main power + Auxiliary power)
Rated currency 500A 650A
(Main power + Auxiliary power)
Cooling water Flow range 350 ~ 400L/min 500L/min  
Supply pressure 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa  
Parameter Height <8991mm <9700mm ΔAccording to the height of the upper chamber
Weight Approximate 25T Approximate 26T ※Not including magnet
Chamber material 304L/316L 304L/316L  
Chamber inner diameter 1200mm 1400mm  
Minimum inner diameter of the chamber 340mm 400mm Δ
Maximum vacuum degree <1Pa <1Pa  
Leakage 5Pa/hr 5Pa/hr  
Seed wire stroke Approximate 4500mm Approximate 5800mm  
Seed low lifting speed 0.08 ~ 7.9 mm/min 0.08 ~ 7.9 mm/min  
Seed rotating speed 0.1 ~ 25rpm 0.1 ~ 25rpm ※Not including the seed vibration point
Seed weight MAX 240Kg MAX 600Kg Δ
Crucible stroke 700mm 680mm  
Crucible lifting speed-low 0.03 ~ 3.0 mm/min 0.016 ~ 1.6 mm/min  
Crucible rotating speed 0.1 ~ 20rpm 0.1 ~ 20rpm  
Crucible bearing weight MAX 600Kg MAX 1000Kg Δ The bearing weight can be increased according to the customer requirement
Heater lifting stroke 250mm 250mm  
Heater lifting speed MAX 200mm/min MAX 200mm/min  
Magnet lifting stroke 1250mm 1500mm  
Magnet lifting speed MAX 400mm/min MAX 400mm/min  
Magnet structure bearing weight 1000Kg 10000Kg Δ

※ The parameter above is only for the standard model , The parameter remark "Δ" can be adjusted according to the customer requirement.

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