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Knives and Cutters


Since its establishment in 1925, TOYO KNIFE has accumulated a great deal of expertise in manufacturing industrial knives to meet the diverse needs of its customers.
With high-quality, high-precision products for cutting all kinds of objects and highly functional services, we provide more value to our customers.

Metal foil, Film and Tape

The slitting process is indispensable for cutting long sheet materials, and it covers a wide range of material types, as well as raw material widths and slit widths.
Slitter knives (upper and lower knives) are suitable for slitting thin materials, and the standard method is to use the upper and lower knives with zero(”0”)clearance (no gap).
Based on our half-century of experience and data obtained from various tests, we provide knives that meet users’ needs and contribute to improving the quality of all kinds of products in various industrial fields.
We provide knives according to the specifications of the order, such as the finishing accuracy of the knife edge, which determines the slitting quality, the thickness of the lower knife, which determines the width accuracy of the workpiece to be slit, and the height dimensions of the knife.

For Metal foil

  • Dish slitter knife
    (Upper knife)
  • Dish slitter knife
    (Lower knife)
  • Dish slitter knife
    (Upper and Lower knife)
  • Rotary chopper
  • Shear blade

For Film

  • Dish slitter knife
    (Upper knife)
  • Dish slitter knife
    (Lower knife)
  • Dish slitter knife
    (Upper and Lower knife)
  • Score knife
    (Core cutter)

For Tape

  • Dish slitter knife
    (Upper knife)
  • Dish slitter knife
    (Lower knife)
  • Score knife
    (Core cutter)

Paper and Corrugated paper (Carton) box

Circular knives for paper and pulp cutting are indispensable for slitting sheet materials.
Sharp slitting quality is required, so the knife edges are precisely ground and finished to customer specifications.
Knives for slitting corrugated sheet grooves are made of materials with excellent abrasion resistance for slitting strong and thick corrugated board, and can be manufactured in a variety of shapes to suit customer needs, with a uniform finish without crushing the slitting surface.
The high durability model (CIKC-1) and the paper dust reduction model (CIKC-2) have been approved as “Excellent Products” by Miyagi Prefecture.

For Paper

  • Dish slitter knife
    (Upper knife)
  • Dish slitter knife
    (Lower knife)
  • Core cutter
    (Score cutter)
  • Score cutter
    (Core cutter)
  • Dish knife, Cup knife
  • Log tissue cutter

For Corrugated paper (Carton) box

  • Slotter knife
    (Upper knife)
  • Slotter knife
    (Lower knife)
  • Anvil knife
  • Slitter knife
    (for Carton box)
  • Carbide corrugator
  • Whetstone for Carbide
    corrugator knife
  • Flap knife

Iron, Non-ferrous metals

Knives for cutting steel used in automobiles, shipbuilding, pipes, etc. and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium.
Various shapes of knives can be manufactured, including straight knives, circular knives and knives of different shapes.
We have a wide range of original steel materials for cutting tools.
The above steel materials are carefully selected and manufactured according to conditions such as the thickness and tension of the material to be cut.
We can also process the shape of the cutting edge into an arc shape and perform various surface treatments to prolong the life of the knife.
Our advanced processing technology, backed up by many years of experience, enables us to provide high-quality products.

For Steel

  • Flying Cropshear
  • Side trimmer knife
  • Slitter knives(for Iron,
    non-ferrous metals)
  • Spacer
  • Shear blade
  • Scrap chopper
  • Side clipping shear
  • End shear
  • Mechanically
    Expanded Dice
  • Disk cutter
  • Pipe Cutters
  • Up-cut shear
  • Billet shear
  • Die set
  • Cold saw (for steel and
    non-ferrous metals)

For Non-ferrous metals

  • Up-cut shear
  • Slitter knives (for steel
    and non-ferrous metals)
  • Cold saw (for steel and
    non-ferrous metals)


These specially shaped knives are used for thin slicing of meat for sukiyaki and shabu-shabu, and are suitable for high-speed cutting.
We have selected materials with excellent corrosion resistance to ensure long and safe use, and have earned a reputation for quality, technology, and service among our users.

For Food

  • Knife for Meat Slicer
  • Knife for Ham Slicer

Tyre and Rubber

These knives are mainly used for cutting rubber used in tyres for cars, buses, aircraft, etc.
They have been used by tyre manufacturers for many years.
The material used is highly abrasion-resistant and ensures sharp cuts.
We also manufacture knives in a variety of shapes, from circular knives to long flat knives and special knives for removing the whiskers of tyres.
We make use of our accumulated know-how to provide products that meet the diverse needs of our customers with a variety of machining and heat treatment technologies.

For Tyre

  • Tread cutter
    (Sholder cutter)

For Rubber

  • Score knife
    (core cutter)
  • Score cutter
    (core cutter)

Wood working

These knives are used for chipping pulp logs and for grinding and cutting wood for veneer and plywood.
With the aim of improving quality and productivity, we have established a Veneer Rotary Knife Technical Team (known as VPT) to provide know-how on knife shapes and settings to plywood mills in Japan and abroad.

For Wood working

  • Chipper knife
  • Veneer rotary knife
  • Slicer knife
  • Clipper knife
  • Nose bar /
    Pressure bar
  • Tip saw

Grinding machine

The machine is used to regrind circular or flat knives that have been used by the customer. Semi-automation of the grinding process is available as an option.

For Straight knives

  • PSGV
  • SSGV
  • A-KGV
  • Option Goods
    Oil Separator

For Circular knives

  • CIKG-F
  • CIKG-L

High precision parts and cutter units

Good Design Award-winning holders for holding the upper blade of slitter knives, plate springs with unique technology, high-precision dies for LCD colour filters, guide rails and cutter units can all be manufactured to meet customer needs.

[Coating Die]

High-precision coating die made by using knife manufacturing technology cultivated over 90 years.
They are used in the coating processes of liquid crystal colour filters, optical films and magnetic tapes, and are the leading edge components of coating equipment.

[Slide Way]

Slide Ways are rails used on the moving sliding surfaces of machine tools, injection moulding machines, forging machines, etc.
The hardened part can be multi-faceted and can be used for all types of sliding surfaces. For carburised products (material SCM), a hardened layer with an effective carburising depth of 1.2 mm can be obtained. All-steel products can also be manufactured.

[Knife Holder & Plate Spring]

The holder is available in different specifications depending on the spring (coil spring or plate spring) set with the knife, but the plate spring specification is recommended to ensure stable contact pressure for improved cutting quality.

[Cutter Unit]

Our cutter units contribute to excellent reproducibility of slitting conditions and stable slitting quality.
We also offer laboratory units for research and development departments, which were developed from a different perspective from units for mass production slitters, for example, for “easy slitting to evaluate the performance of new materials” or “to find the best cutting method for commercialisation of newly developed materials.

Machinery parts

  • Coating die
  • Slide way

Knife parts

  • High precision
    movable holder
  • Quick holder
    (Standard, Bellock type)
  • Preset holder
    (Standard, Bellock type)
  • Preset holder for removing
    the middle part
    (Standard, Bellock type)
  • Plate Spring

Cutter unit

  • Cutter unit
    (For Dish knife)
  • Cutter unit
    (For Gang knife)
  • Ultra-fine width
    cutter unit (gang method)
  • Cutter unit
    (Spring gang method)
  • Cutter unit
    (Score-cutting method)

New product development information

New product information. Many cutter units are available for a variety of situations using our technology. Please contact us for more information.


  • Labo-Basic
  • Labo-Light
  • Labo-Custom
  • Labo-Option