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Silicon Wafers

Integrated production from the singnle crystal ingots
We produce small-diameter silicon wafers (12 inches or less) for semiconductors in an integrated manner ranging from single crystal ingots to wafer processing.
We have established the global supply system mainly for the mass-produced wafers for bipolar integrated circuits, discrete circuits, and MEMS.
Map of the silicon wafer factories in China
Silicon Wafer Sizes Offered
Polished Wafer
A Polished Wafer is made from a single-crystal silicon ingot which is thinly sliced and then mirror-finished on one side or both sides to produce high flatness and cleanability.
Anneal Wafer
An Annealed Wafer is made by heating a Polished Wafer to a very high temperature in an argon atmosphere to provide an improved crystal integrity of the device formative layer and a gettering function for application to cutting-edge devices.
COP Free Wafer
A COP Free Wafer can be used in advanced devices in which oxygen precipitates and a collection of pores or COPs (Crystal Originated Particles), which degrade the breakdown voltage of a gate oxide film and increase junction leakage currents, are removed by controlling crystal growth.
Substrate for Epi Wafer
As a substrate for Epi Wafers, this wafer accommodates various types of dopants (boron, phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony) that control the characteristics of the device.
Epi Wafer
An Epi Wafer is made from a single crystal silicon that grows on the surface of a Polished Wafer by a vapor phase epitaxy method, featuring a superior quality as a substrate for discrete semiconductors and MOS-ICs.
End products
These wafers are used in products such as cars, smartphones, PCs, industrial equipment, server/cloud centers, home appliances (air conditioners, wearable terminals), and medical equipment.
Silicon Wafer Business Group

FerroTec Shanghai

Shanghai Shanghai Semiconductor Wafer Co.,Ltd.

Small diameter
Medium diameter
Wafer size
4, 5, and 6 inches
8 inches
Monthly production amount
400 K / Month
100 K / Month
181 Shanlian Road,Shanhai Baoshan City Industrial Zone 200444,P.R.China


FerroTec Hangzhou

Hangzhou Hangzhou Semiconductor Wafer Co., Ltd.

Medium diameter
Large diameter
Wafer size
8 inches
12 inches
Monthly production amount
350 K / Month
30 K / Month
888 Dongken Road , Qiantang New District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang ,China.


FerroTec Ningxia

Yinchuan Ferrotec (Ningxia) Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

1st Factories
2nd Factories
4, 5, 6, 8, 12 inches
28, Guangming Rd, Economic And Technological Development Zone, Yinchuan, China

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