The Equipment Related Business

Quartz Products

Ultra-High Purity Glass,
Tough against Heat
and Chemical Changes

The semiconductor manufacturing process involves frequent treatments of high heat and chemicals. Coming into play here are quartz products composed of ultra-high-purity silica glass. Whether it is in the thin film generation and diffusion process, or as jigs and consumables in the transport and cleaning process of wafers, our quartz products play an important role in the processing of increasingly thinning and high purification semiconductors.

Please contact :
Michael Sonntag
Ferrotec Europe GmbH
THE SQUAIRE, Am Flughafen, 60549 Frankfurt am Main Germany

Business Group of Quartz Products

Ferrotec Hangzhou

Hangzhou Hangzhou dahe thermo-magnetics Co.,Ltd.

777 Binkang Rd, Binjiang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 310053.China

668 Binkang Rd, Binjiang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 310053.China


Ferrotec Dongtai

Dongtai Ferrotec(Jiangsu)Quartz Technology Co.,Ltd.

18# Hongda Road, Chengdong New Zone, Dongtai, Jiangsu, P.R. China


Ferrotec Changshan

Changshan Zhejiang Advanced Precision Co.,Ltd.

No.7,Xindu Industrial Park,Changshan City,Xuzhou,Zhejiang


FerroTec Alion Yamagata

Yamagata Fetrrotec Alion Co.,Ltd.

1-1-58, Shoei, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata, 990-2473, Japan

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Case Examples of Quartz Product
  • CVD Equipment

    CVD, or chemical vapor deposition, is one technique for making thin films. Gas containing components needed for different membranes are exposed to heated substrates, resulting in the deposition of a membrane by chemical reaction on the substrate surface.

  • Etching Equipment

    Etching is a surface processing method that uses the corrosive effect of a chemical solution or reactive gas. In semiconductor manufacturing it is used as a method to remove thin films in the patterning process of wafers. There is dry etching, which uses gas turned into plasma to accelerate ions to scrape away film by scientific reaction, and wet etching, which utilizes the corrosive effects of acid and alkali.

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