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Photovoltaic Silicon

Silicon Ingots for Solar Cells

Raw silicon material is melted at high temperatures, then gradually cooled to generate crystallized ingots. In addition to single-crystal ingots with excellent regular atom arrangement and power generation performance, our in-house production equipment enables a stable supply of superior economic and production efficient multi-crystal ingots.

Manufacturing Bases
Wafers for Solar Cells

We produce single-crystal wafers by using a fixed abrasive grain wire saw to cut thin slices from ingots. Our wafers correspond to thinning wires, and are adopted in high conversion efficiency modules.

Manufacturing Bases
Cells for Solar Modules

What we call a “cell” is a wafer superposed with two different electrical property (p-type and n-type) semiconductors to form an electrode. Ferrotec produces single-crystal and multi-crystal cells, contributing to the high conversion efficiency of solar cell modules.

Manufacturing Bases